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Das Goldene Tal

by Barbara Wood last modified Aug 08, 2018 11:46

(image of pen and paper)

Hello Readers in Germany,

I'm happy to let you know that my next book will be available in September 2018!

Die Schaller-Weingüter sind legendär im Weinland Kalifornien. Aber jetzt steht Nicole, Urenkelin der Gründer, finanziell unter Druck. Als dann noch in einem Weinkeller ein Skelett entdeckt wird, droht sie alles zu verlieren. Sie macht sich auf Spurensuche in die Vergangenheit...
Ein Jahrhundert zuvor: 1912 bauen die Schallers, Winzer aus Deutschland, ihr neues Leben in Kalifornien auf. Schnell sind die Brüder Wilhelm und Johann erfolgreich. Doch als klar wird, dass Wilhelms junge Frau Clara eigentlich Johann liebt, entzweien sich die Brüder in tödlichem Hass. Der Riss, der durch die Familie geht, wird das Schicksal dreier Generationen bestimmen.
Ein mitreißender Roman über einen schicksalhaften Familienzwist und die Liebe, die Versöhnung bringt.

You can order it here.


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New Discoveries for Inspiration

by Barbara Wood last modified Aug 07, 2018 16:11

(image of pen and paper)

I've had fun creating characters from another time and place: Post WW II, Cairo Egypt, "Virgins of Paradise". Two thousand years ago to the land of the Anasazi Indians of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico with "Daughter of the Sun," and in "The Blessing Stone", I travelled all the way back to the beginninng of time! So it was with particular interest that I read that new discoveries have been made about Stonehenge. Archaeologists have made new discoveries about the orgins of the 25 cremated remains that were unearthered there. At least 10 of the humans weren't from the monument site. Possibly 140 miles away. Facts like this can get the writer's mind racing. Where were they from? Why were they making the trip to Stonehenge? What was the journey like? It would make a great story!

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Yes, Authors Read Too

by Barbara Wood last modified Aug 07, 2018 14:15

(image of pen and paper)

I saw this image and I thought of all the fun times I've had while participating in book events such as depicted in this drawing and book events. If you've ever showed up to any of my events, I truly appreciated it!

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