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Cats Are Best!

by Barbara Wood last modified Aug 20, 2018 12:21

(image of pink birthday cake with feathers on top

I am a dog lover. No doubt about it. Big dogs especially. German shepherds, Rottweilers, Huskies. Big guys.

However, I am also a cat lover. Dogs are fun and smart and inter-active and pretty much read-able. Cats on the other hand are mysterious and independent. And no, you have no idea what they are thinking. I have had dogs all my life, I have also had cats. The cats have always ruled the dogs. I once had a 120lb Akita named Mongo who was totally intimidated by a seven pound cat. He literally quivered in Pyewacket’s presence.

First of all, cats begin as kittens. Let’s face it, you simply cannot keep a straight face in the presence of kittens. So you adopt one and bring it home.

And then, as the great poet Ogden Nash wrote:

“The trouble with a kitten is THAT,
Eventually it becomes a CAT.”

I have a physics question: How does a cat with a normal weight and a normal temperature sit in your lap and suddenly get SO HEAVY and SO HOT that you think you are going to have a meltdown that reaches China? When my cat jumps up to sit in my lap, I have to turn on the a/c because she is going to turn into a heating pad on my thighs. AND make my legs go numb. How do cats do that?

And another thing: Why does Bucky get excited when I clean her litter box? She races around as I gather the “acorns” in a little clear plastic bag, tying it off with a twist-um. She must think I worship her so much that somewhere in this house I have an enormous collection of little plastic bags of her poo.

And try sleeping with a cat! Why do they push you to the edge of the bed? How can you sleep in a king sized bed and wind up clutching the edge, leaving all that space for the cat?

But I love ‘em. I just KNOW that when I tell Bucky my woes, she feels my pain.

Yeah, right.



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