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Treasure Hunting

by Barbara Wood last modified Sep 20, 2018 07:42

A friend of mine enjoys going to estate sales in and around her neighborhood. She works at a school and often times finds interesting and useful items for her classroom, as well as books. Books seem to be a typical find at these kinds of sales. Books of all kinds and she tells me that you really get an insight into the owners of the home by the books that once graced their bookshelves.

Yesterday was such a trip for my friend. She found an assortment of nick nacks for her classroom plus enough books to fill a large box. Books ranging from American history to science and classic novels.

The last half-an-hour of the estate sale it was announced that you could fill a long plastic bag for $5 a bag. So, my friend added a few more items, some Christmas paraphernalia, and 3 ring binders that were in abundance in this particular home – the owner had been an engineer and there was binder after binder filled with technical papers.

As she was telling me her tale I thought to myself, “at the end of the day, the stuff of life comes down to $5 a bag”. Very sobering. Things you’ve bought, things you’ve displayed in your home, things in unopened packets are worth just a few cents.

As my friend perused the enormous amount of books that were for sale, she saw something familiar lying on top of a pile: Domina by yours truly! A first edition no less. My friend couldn’t leave it behind baking in the sun, so she bought it. I must say, the owner had good taste!

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What Happended To Her Shoes?

by Barbara Wood last modified Sep 03, 2018 09:38

(image of cartoon woman with head open


I really like this painting by Vladimir Volegov. The woman looks so serene - head buried in a book, letting the world pass her by. Her shoes are off - she's care-free. I am imagining that there is a gentle breeze that lifts the tendrils of her hair and that the sun feels warm, but not hot, on her back. Ahhhh . . . such a lovely place to read a book.

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