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Christmas Card Observations

by Barbara Wood last modified Mar 14, 2019 15:04


I've noticed that more and more people are sending personalized Christmas cards than just buying them by the box. Usually, it’s a photograph of the family with the caption, “Holiday Greetings from the Smiths.” I received one yesterday in which they included all their pets. In fact, you could barely see the humans for the cats and dogs, tortoise and parakeets. The dogs smiled for the camera. The cats look bored. It reminds me of the observation that comedian George Carlin once made about the reason humans think dogs have personalities and cats don’t: it’s because dogs have eyebrows while cats do not. Supposedly this makes dogs smarter than cats, but have you ever seen eight cats pulling a sled through the snow?

A few of my own dog vs. cat observations: When a dog yawns, it means he’s bored. What a cat yawns, it means you’re boring. When a dog rolls over on the bed and accidentally falls of, he looks embarrassed. When a cat does it, her look says, “There now.” Dogs worry. Cats sleep. I think dogs genuinely love us, but cats see us as warm furniture with can-opener attachments. Dogs will eat anything. We all know what picky eaters cats are. Maybe next year the pets will have taken over altogether and there will be no people at all in the Christmas photo!



Happy New Year!!!




Happy Valentine's Day!!

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