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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

by Barbara Wood last modified Mar 14, 2019 14:58

A friend was telling me of a movie she recently watched, "The Man Who Invented Christmas", the story behind Charles Dickens', "A Christmas Carol". By all accounts it sounds like a fascinating movie. The movie shows Dickens' inspiration for many of the beloved characters featured in this classic story. The characters become "alive" and Dickens has conversations with them as he struggles to develop their characters within the plot. I plan on watching this over the holidays. I must confess that my characters are real people to me while I'm in the process of writing their stories and I care very deeply about them, as if they were my actual friends, so I related enormously to this rather unique spin on "A Christmas Carol".

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Christmas Card Observations

by Barbara Wood last modified Mar 14, 2019 15:04


I've noticed that more and more people are sending personalized Christmas cards than just buying them by the box. Usually, it’s a photograph of the family with the caption, “Holiday Greetings from the Smiths.” I received one yesterday in which they included all their pets. In fact, you could barely see the humans for the cats and dogs, tortoise and parakeets. The dogs smiled for the camera. The cats look bored. It reminds me of the observation that comedian George Carlin once made about the reason humans think dogs have personalities and cats don’t: it’s because dogs have eyebrows while cats do not. Supposedly this makes dogs smarter than cats, but have you ever seen eight cats pulling a sled through the snow?

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Favorite Reads

by Barbara Wood last modified Dec 03, 2018 08:12

I am often asked, as a writer what do I Like to read. Well, I’m all over the map on that one. I love science-fiction, romance, westerns, murder mysteries, big historicals – it all depends on my mood. As to favorite authors (those whom we read over and over and never get tired of their tales) I’m fond of Maeve Binchy, the humorous Irish writer, and Scottish mystery writer Alanna Knight. I’m a big fan of Victoria Holt (having recently re-read “Mistress of Mellyn”). I love Larry McMurtry of “Lonesome Dove” fame, and Ray Bradbury for his fabulous Martian stories. Joseph Wambaugh for his outrageous and hilarious cop stories. And let’s not forget the classics: I have been in love with “Jane Eyre” since I was twelve years old. And Hemmingway – “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” blows me away every time. Well, the list goes on. I’m sure a lot of you out there have favorites whom you read over and over. What could be better than sitting beside a nice warm fire, cup of tea nearby, and curled up with one of your favorite books?

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