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Jean Carlos
United States


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Simon Cohen
United States

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lydia Davidson
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire
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Hello dear!

I was wondering if your books were available in Japanese hirigane script! I'd love to bring them with me to Japan and let my close friends read!
Thank you!

Jhordana Inostroza
San Felipe

Hola Barbara, Siempre he leido tus libros y me gustan..Inolvidables fueron Domina^y Tierra Sagrada.
Hoy te escribo porque he comenzado a leer La tierra Del Sol Poniente y... me entro una duda....
En la pag. 10 habla de un almendro silvestre y dice que el árbol estaba cuajado de flores de color rosa...etc...
Luego dice que vio que los almendrucos estaban casi maduros y que regresaría con una cesta y los recogería....
Mi inquietud es acerca de la posibilidad de que el arbol en cuestion a su vez tiene las flores....y los frutos maduros.
me parece que hay un error...o tal vez me equivoque yo...
Saludo afectuoso, no dejes de escribir y espero respuesta.

Margaret Rich

Hi Barbara,

Greetings from Launceston, Tasmania.

I have tried to electronically purchase Land Of The Afternoon Sun without success.

Will this become available on Kindle?

I hope all is well with you.

Best wishes,


Jacob Samodelkin
Russian Federation
Sverdlovsk region

Dear Barbara,
Sorry for interupt you. I work for students NGO affiliated with Agrarian University in the Urals region, Russia.
My student wrote the scientific article for our student journals on the topic 'women as the butterfly^ gender aspect". The idea is to compare the books about women in USA and Russia. We would like to see you on webconference. Is it possible? to discuss gender questions& Best regards, Yakov

Jane Stonehocker
United States

Hi Ms Wood,

I have just finished "Land of the Afternoon Sun" and I must say I loved it! It's the first time I have read one of your books (was recommended to me by a friend) and I am now going to buy another one. I love silent movies and the jazz age. What an entertaining book. Thank you very much!

Bob Seifert
United States


I hope to read your books someday


Hello Ms. Wood,

I love your books.
It's not easy to find your books in dutch.
Are they available in dutch? Even your latest books?

Kind regards,

Rhioghnach O'Geraghty
South Australia


I've just discovered "Daughter of the Sun" and am really enjoying it. I look forward to reading more of your work in the near future.

Best Regards

Rhi O'Geraghty

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Hello Ms. Wood.

I just want to tell you that I met you for your book "Yesterday’s Child" that intrigued me and liked to me a lot. I hope read another books of yours. I hope one day know you and thank to you in person for give me (us, the audience) a great stories to read.

With love, Angy.

Rick Roane
United States
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Hi Barbara. After developing the audiobook version of several of your books, we at Cherry Hill Publishing are convinced that you are one of the most significant writers of the 21st century. I am astoundingly grateful that we are being given the opportunity to play a role in presenting your work to the public. We cherish this role and intend to employ every ounce of our capabilities to ensure that the quality of the audio presentations rise to the level of your remarkable books.

Yours always,


Vero Vergara
Hanga Roa
Easter Island
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Dear Barbara,
I live in Easter Island, one of the vertex of polynesian triangle, but now I'm in Tahiti for holidays, reading Rainbow of the Moon, based in Hawaii, the other vertex of the polynesian triangle.
The third one is New Zealand.

My husband and kids are from Rapa Nui (Easter Island), they are polynesian people and we love the life in the island, the most isolated in the world, called Te pito o te henua, the navel of the world.

We've been at Hawaii twice, it's beautiful, so I'm really enjoying your last book.
It's the first edition in Chile 2016, spanish
Come to visit us to Rapa Nui. It's an amazing place, with monumental archaeology, very interesting history and beautiful lanscapes.

Ellen Collisson
United States

Dear Barbara, My brother and I were showing a friend some pictures that he took on our last visit to Malawi and South Africa. She was very interested in Africa so I told her about a lovely book I read that reminded me so much of East and Central Africa and my wonderful experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi. That was your novel "Green City in the Sun." Of course, we "googled" you. It sounds as if you live in Riverside which is very near to Upland where we live.
Maybe sometime I might have the pleasure of meeting you. I have had the pleasure of living many places since I left Malawi. But Africa remains very special to me. "Green City in the Sun" touched me as no other story has.
Best wishes, Ellen

Fransje van Riel
South Africa
Cape Town
Western Cape
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Dear Barbara,

I tried to send a message via the contact page, but there was no re-validation code for me to enter, so I was unable to send it. Did I miss it somehow?

I hope to be able to send it,
Thanks so much

Liz Plane
United States


I read a book years ago that I thought was by you. It was about a young woman and the pearling industry in Australia - I think Broome. I cannot seem to find it. Was that part of The Dreaming? or was it some-one else? We are visiting Broome and was wanting to re-read it!

United States


Hi Barbara,
Found you on Facebook too. Can't wait until the next book. Looking forward to it.
thanks for your hours of enjoyment you've given me so far!

United States

I recently discovered you -- finishing three novels and found it hard to put them down. Great story line but I feel like am having a history lesson as well. Tthe way your intertwine the 'Divine Feminine' into your theme is heart warming,
and a message for all to embrace.
Just finished and loved Rainbow over the Moon, and after living in Hawaii I feel the sadness at how greed has changed that paradise in so many ways.
Looking for your next creation. Thank you



Ich liebe ihre Bücher und freu mich immer wie ein kleines Kind , wenn ein neue Buch erscheint.Beim Lesen vergess ich dann oft die Welt um mich herum.

Nordrhein Westfalen
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Liebe Barbara,

ich lese zur Zeit "Rote Sonne schwarzes Land". Es fasziniert mich so sehr, dass ich bis spaet in die Nacht lese. Habe selten ein Buch gelesen, dass mich so begeistert. Freue mich schon auf das naechste "Traumzeit". Liebe Gruesse, freue mich, von Ihnen zu hoeren. - Ilona.



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