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Curse This House


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(image of The Blessing Stone by Barbara Wood)
Curse This House

"The sound of my voice caused him to look suddenly at me and in that moment, when his madman's eyes gazed at mine, I feared for my life.

But then, in the next instant, a curious thing happened.  While we gaped at one another, our eyes locked across the room, his face began to alter, become somehow gentler, subtler.

"Bunny, you shouldn't be here.  You shouldn't .... be here .... Dear God, help me!  Don't let me do what my brother did!"

Leyla Pemberton, receiving a mysterious letter in the mail, is led to an ancestral home she never knew she had.  When she first gazed up at the magnificent mansion, the veil of her memory lifted for a fleeting instant and she was a child again, playing on the vast stone steps. As she climbed the steps, she thought of Edward, and if there was no passion in her breast, there is gratitude.  She vowed to unlock the memory that imprisoned her and bring to him her past, the only dowry she had.

But how long ago that moment seemed now -- now that she knew she could never be Edward's wife, nor any man's .... 

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