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Yesterday's Child


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Yesterday's Child


Was she Andrea, a modern, liberated young woman from the California lifestyle of casual sex and laid-back love?

Or was she Jennifer, a Victorian young lady who fought against her feelings for a man whom she could never wed but could not stop wanting?

YESTERDAY'S CHILD is a supernatural love story of time present and time past, as a young American woman travels to England to visit her dying grandfather -- and to meet for the first time relatives she has never seen. From the moment she sets foot in her grandmother's cold Victorian house, Andrea senses an awesome Presence lurking. And soon she knows that a rendezvous awaits her there -- a terrifying journey into the past -- and a shattering encounter that will mark her and change her forever.

Andrea meets a family long dead, and a man she will come to love as she has never loved before. She will discover, too, the lingering horrors of that house, its carefully buried secrets .... and a timeless, tragic passion still burning within its aged walls.

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