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Soul Flame


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(image of Soul Flame by Barbara Wood)
Soul Flame

Selene. She was gifted, brilliant, beautiful and dedicated to the healing arts. But in the ancient Roman World of the First Century, the idea of a woman as a physician was unthinkable -- until Selene dared to challenge and break all the taboos.

Soul Flame is the story of Selene's apprenticeship to her folk-healer mother ... of her relationship with a passionate man of healing .. and of her odyssey through the cities of the ancient world -- Antioch, Babylon, Jerusalem, and Rome -- through danger and intrigue, treachery and seduction ... as she followed the call of her desire and destiny as a woman and a doctor.

At the deepest heart of Selene's story is her quest to discover her true identity, for the woman named Mira, whom she thought was her mother, was in fact the midwife who delivered Selene one omen-filled night, as an aristocratic couple, pursued by Caesar's soldiers, sought refuge in Mira's humble house.

Mira believed the child was born of the gods.

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