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Perfect Harmony


"A breathless, helter-skelter race in cyberspace, effortlessly melded here with the tale of a  Chinese woman's journey from the 1920's to the present, and with her granddaughter's terrifying chase to solve familial mysteries and industrial murder. -- Kirkus Reviews


"A book is like a garden carried in the pocket." Chinese proverb

(image of Childsong by Barbara Wood)
Perfect Harmony

Charlotte Lee is CEO of Harmony Biotech, manufacturers of ancient Chinese herbal medicines, now carefully monitored for safety and reliability through the best modern technology. Charlotte, who inherited the business from her late grandmother, must suddenly face the accusation that three people have died after ingesting her products. Having been warned by V.P. (and cousin) Desmond, Charlotte drives out into awful weather (a tempest appropriately pounds away at California through much of the action) and is almost killed in a freak accident (or was it?). There are other unsettling near misses involving Charlotte's friends, and a message on the Internet advises her to make a public statement of company guilt within the next 12 hours -- or else. Then into the intensifying miseries comes Jonathan, Charlotte's long-lost love who had inexplicably married another. Jonathan sets to work to make computer magic and unravel the conspiracy.

Wood jumps back then to 1908 Singapore to relate the history of Perfect Harmony and her years of trial, suffering, and triumph. Before the close, with a starburst of revelations and one *big* surprise, there are family tangles to pick apart (odd couplings and adoptions); a touch of the supernatural as dead mothers speak; and vendettas (one involving a government agent).


"As ever, Wood shows herself a wizard at juggling action and romance, maintaining the momentum and sparkle of both. Bright, slick, and pleasing."

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