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Sacred Ground


Prolific pop novelist, Wood, portrays a heroine with a thousand faces-in a saga about California's women from 2000 years ago to the present.  Kirkus Reviews


(image of The Blessing Stone by Barbara Wood)
Sacred Ground

Internationally bestselling author Barbara Wood delivers novel that spans an epic 2000 years, tracing one family from the Native Americans in early California to the present day.

Marimi, a healer in her tribe, the Topaa, is unprepared for what fate holds in store for her. The Topaa live in a beautiful coastal settlement, a place that will one day be called California. But because of jealousy, Marimi is placed under a curse and from there her family's legacy unfolds. From pre-historic California to the days of Spanish explorers to the time of California colonialism to the swashbuckling cowboy days of early Los Angeles right up to the present day, SACRED GROUND tells the story of the female descendents of Marimi. It tells of their loves, their betrayals, their losses, their families, and the ruthless ambition that would forge a new country.

 What the critics say:

"Wood's writing is rich with history and time travel.  Tradition and respect for the bounties of the earth was the core of the Native American's lifestyle, and Wood does a wonderful job of conveying the richness of their spiritual life and bringing to light their current struggle with archaeologists for entitlement over ancestral grounds." - Elsa Gaztambide Booklist

". . .Wood splices past and present, covering 2000 years on the California coast. . . her fans will likely welcome this  engaging tale "  - Publisher's Weekly

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