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Star of Babylon


Barbara Wood is an entertainer.  Washington Post Book World


(image of The Blessing Stone by Barbara Wood)
Star of Babylon

"Candice was instantly at his side, shining her light on the small square lump of hardened clay and she saw at once that it was covered with the wedge-shaped symbols of Duchesne’s coded alphabet.

Retrieving the soft hand broom from her belt, she knelt and gently brushed sand from the face of the tablet, her heart racing. "I need to take a picture," she said. "But I need something for scale," she said, and Ian offered his wrist watch.

As Candice laid the watch alongside the tablet, she accidentally touched it, and in an instant, before her startled eyes, the tablet disintegrated.
"Good Lord," said Ian. "How on earth did that happen?"

Candice thought she would cry. She hadn’t even gotten a snapshot of the writing, and now it was reduced to useless powder. They followed the line of her flashlight beam and when they saw what it illuminated on the floor, their eyes widened in astonishment . . ."

Egyptologist, Dr. Candice Armstrong has something to prove. Her reputation destroyed through a series of unfortunate and false accusations, her career in tatters, she has one last chance.

This chance comes from an unexpected source - her former boss and mentor Professor Masters. Dazed & incoherent from a suspicious fall, he desperately implores her to find the “Star of Babylon”. Aided by Detective Glenn Masters, who harbors a secret of his own, Candice embarks on a terrifying journey that takes her from LA, to Damascus and London to locate the Star of Babylon.

The duo become the hunted as Candice & Glenn try to outwit and outrun the clutches of a powerful madman, Phylo Thibodeau - a member of an ultra secret sect known as the Alexandrians. Aided by his multi-million dollar global organization, worldwide connections and driven by secrets from his past, he will stop at nothing to own the star of Babylon.

An ancient and powerful secret society will be revealed, deceptions exposed, and envy and bitterness resurface as the race to find the Star of Babylon begins.



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